Don’t let Valentines stop you from exploring the trails.

There are plenty of  benefits of doing a trail run this weekend:

  1. It’s Trail Running
  2. Running at a wine farm? Great. Why not do some wine tasting afterwards.
  3. Doing a morning run? Breakfast is a fantastic idea.
  4. You don’t have to even think of a gift – the gift is running with you.
  5. Where there is a trail run, there is a view. Perfect for that Instagram selfie.

Here is a list of runs this weekend: 

Run the Greens – HERE

Versus Summer Run PartyHERE 

Run the Vines #14 – HERE

Farmer Angus Trail Run – HERE

Rotary Run Trail Series – HERE

Nissan Trailseeker Trail Run Series – HERE

Oaklands Trail Run – HERE

Fresh@Klopperkop – HERE


For all upcoming trail events head to the link below: 

Event of the Month:

28 – 29 Feb Highveld Trail Run – Click HERE for more info!