The Southern Lodestar Foundation, an organisation providing nutritional  solutions at schools requiring intervention; and provides thousands of school children with a nutritionally balanced breakfast every day; has recently appointed ultra-marathon trail runner, Ryan Sandes, as an Executive Director.

“I am really excited to join the Southern Lodestar Foundation,” says Ryan Sandes. “André Redinger and his team have been doing some amazing work at setting up nutritional solutions in schools and early childhood development centers in impoverished areas. I have been given so many opportunities in life that I feel it is really important to give back and create positive change!”

The Southern Lodestar Foundation was born out of a need to improve the lives of impoverished children across Sub-Saharan Africa. Through education and nutrition, the Foundation aims to create meaningful change, foster hope and deliver sustainable transformation to enhance the long-term health and development of individuals and nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“I have such gratitude and feel honored that Ryan has joined our board,” says Southern Lodestar Foundation Founder, André Redinger. “Ryan has shown great care to our foundation from the outset when introduced to SLF a few years ago – on what we do and in the integrity of our service to our children. He loves South Africa and as a fellow South African will assist the foundation and its communities in having an impact on current and future generations; both from a nutritional perspective as well as from personal development of individuals throughout our continent.”

“Our passion is to feed, nurture and grow communities through knowledge and nutrition as we believe that no-one can reach their full potential on an empty stomach,” explains Redinger. “And who understands the importance of nutrition more than an ultra-athlete?”

As an ultra-distance runner, Sandes, knows the true value of good nutrition. “In my game you cannot get far without good nutrition. I have had a number of nutritional bonks during races and I know how debilitating that feels, so I can only imagine what these children go through on a daily basis not having access to food!”

Founded by three ultra-distance runners, the Southern Lodestar Foundation also aims to use running as a tool to inspire change at grass roots level. “By identifying individuals with a passion for running, who are determined to succeed and committed to challenging themselves, we plan to develop a team of dedicated athletes to take on ultra-marathons, run the journey with us, and inspire the champion in each other,” explains Redinger. “In-turn, the aim is for them to inspire others who look up to them as role-models and have aspirations to run and to carry the message of hope to the children supported by the Foundation, bringing much needed awareness to Vitamin and Mineral  deficiencies amongst our communities.”

“Through projects that focus on nutrition, nutritional education and inspiring children to be healthy and active, we hope the see the children of Southern Africa nourished, educated and inspired to change our country, and beautiful continent for the better,” says Sandes.

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Pic Credit – Mpumelelo Macu/ Red Bull Content Poola