In his first and only race for 2020, thanks to the global Covid19 pandemic, Ryan Sandes took a convincing win at today’s Maxirace Cape Winelands 75km race in a time of 7hrs32min43sec, with Grobler Basson in 2nd place in a time of 7hrs58min18sec.

“This morning was really epic, those Mont Rochelle mountains are insane,” says Ryan Sandes. “I had a very comfortable day and am super stoked to take this win today! Running 160km around my house during lockdown clearly helped with my training!”

Just one month after winning the ladies race and taking 3rd place overall at the 2020 K-Way Skyrun Mountain Race in Lady Grey, international Skyrunning champion, Ragna Debats, showed her incredible power by once again being the 1st lady over the line and 3rd place overall at today’s Maxirace Cape Winelands in a time of 8hrs03min40sec.

“What a beautiful race, I loved the first climb and ascent,” says Ragna Debats. “Such beautiful hilly mountains for the rest of the race, and the views, wow. I loved this race!”

Second place in the ladies race went to Jana van Houwelingen in 9hrs36min45sec, with Amri Williamson in 3rd place in 10hrs04min54sec.

Bruce Arnott took podium position for the 40km route in a time of 3hrs44min05sec, with Matthew Burke in 2nd place in 3hrs56min51sec and Anele Bans in 3rd in 4hrs01min28sec. Rose Baily was the first lady over the line in a time of 4hrs28min13sec, with Marna van Deventer in 2nd place in 4hrs45min36sec and Elmi Middlemost in 3rd place in 4hrs51min31sec.

Llewellyn Groeneveld set a new record time for the 20km route finishing in an incredible 1hr22min21sec. George runner, Anderson Ncube took 2nd place in 1hr25min58sec with Zola Ngxakeni in 3rd in 1hr34min53sec.

The ladies race was won by Christelle Hattingh in 1hr46min26sec, with Rochelle Green in 2nd place in in 1hr53min22sec and Ash Graham in 3rd place in 1hr55min41sec.


75km overall

  1. Ryan Sandes                                      7hrs32min43sec
  2. Grobler Basson                                                 7hrs58min18sec
  3. Ragna Debats                                    8hrs03min40sec

70km Women

  1. Ragna Debats                                    8hrs03min40sec
  2. Jana van Houwelingen                   9hrs36min45sec
  3. Amri Williamson                               10hrs04min54sec

40km Men

  1. Bruce Arnott                                      3hrs44min05sec
  2. Matthew Burke                                                3hrs56min51sec
  3. Anele Bans                                         4hrs01min28secs

40km Women

  1. Rose Bailey                                         4hrs28min13secs
  2. Marna van Deventer                      4hrs45min36secs
  3. Elmi Middlemost                              4hrs51min31sec

20km Overall

  1. Llewellyn Groeneveld                    1hr22min21sec
  2. Anderson Ncube                              1hr25min58sec
  3. Zola Ngxakeni                                    1hr34min53sec

20km Ladies

  1. Christelle Hattingh                           1hr46min26sec
  2. Rochelle Green                                 1hr53min22sec
  3. Ash Graham                                       1hr55min41sec

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Photo: Ryan Sandes captured by Craig Kolesky