“Many of us are struggling to gain back our motivation after the disruptions of the past year. If you want to feel inspired again look no further.

RUN for the Love of Life will fire up your runner’s MOJO like nothing else will.

RUN takes readers on an exhilarating journey to some of the most beautiful and inhospitable landscapes and toughest races in the world. It shares wisdoms from the furthest edge of endurance and valuable life lessons which will enrich any reader – whether runner or not. Above all the book is most likely able to get anyone off the couch and moving again with renewed energy and commitment.”

“If you love running, and if you love life, read this book!” 

Linda Doke, Solomon sponsored ultra runner.

Don’t get left behind. Get your copy at https://publisher.co.za/product/run-for-the-love-of-life/. The book can be pre-ordered before the release date of 4 November 2021 – just in time for Christmas.

Join the Thrive Run Club page  for some inspiring content in anticipation of the book launch, and make sure to listen to the great Podcast with Erica and Simone Basson of the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon.

For snippets from the book and some great back stories of what makes distance running so compelling, follow Erica’s author page on Instagram @erica_terblanche. She promises to never post anything that will waste your precious time.