Kromrivier BEAST 6 May Results

Well done to all who joined us for a Beastly Mountain Adventure.

42Km Podium Positions: 


  1. Dom Wills – 5h 55min
  2. Michael Molyneaux – 6h 00min
  3. Nelius Swart – 6h 12min


  1. Erika Holland – 6h 26min
  2. Jessie Waldman – 6h 40min
  3. Jeanne Botha – 7h 42min

26km Podium Positions: 


  1. Tommy Mc Keown – 3h 33min
  2. Nic Malan – 3h 37min
  3. Brian Reid – 3h 37min


  1. Roule Le Roux – 3h 41min
  2. Amelia Bergh – 3h 52min
  3. Lienkie Gething – 3h 57min

Click on the distances below to view your preliminary results: 

26KM        42KM

Follow us on Facebook to view your photos, which will be uploaded throughout the week. 

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