Well done to all who joined us for a Beastly Mountain Adventure.

42Km Podium Positions: 


  1. Chris Ngaka – 5h 41min
  2. Demetri Van Rooyen – 5h 49min
  3. Michael Molyneaux- 6h 05min


  1. Mari Marincowitz – 7h 16min
  2. Retha Wareham – 7h 37min
  3. Hanri Van Wyk – 7h 58min

22km Podium Positions: 


  1. Hugh Hacking- 2h 26min
  2. Brendan Lombard – 2h 27min
  3. Niel Johnson & David Savage – 2h 30min


  1. Julia Bickel – 2h 27min
  2. Alex Tasker – 2h 33min
  3. Chrysten Lombard – 2h 57min

Click on the distances below to view your results: 

22KM        42KM

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