For 200 trail warriors, the time has come. The training is done, the kit has been tested. Crew has been prepped. Months of training have built to this. The Karkloof100 starts at 8pm on Friday 21 September. The 50Miler at 8am on Saturday 22 September. It is GO TIME!

If you are wanting to come and witness what it takes to run 100miles, this is what you need to know:

  • The 100Miler starts at 8pm at Yard41 in Howick. Expect Mainstream Beer, massive excitement and tension through the roof. Book a table at the Farmers Daughter if you are wanting to have dinner (033 330 2958).
  • 1st runners are expected at 11Karkloof, 5km outside Howick at 9:45pm. Expect Exploring Coffee and Mainstream Beer on sale, focused athletes executing a plan.
  • 1st runners through the turnaround point at Benvie Gardens at approx. 4:30am and last runners at approx. midday on Saturday. 50miler starts at 7am at Benvie Gardens. Expect a great atmosphere as 100mile runners refuel, many pick up pacers and 50miler runners prepare for their “road” ahead. Awesome vibe from the 1st Howick Scouts, coffee and tea on sale.
  • 1st runners (50 and / or 100Mile) are expected at Bushwillow at approx. 8am. Expect signs of hurt and toughing-it-out. Exploring Coffee, Mainstream Beer and Ekayise gourmet food on sale. Great place to relax and spectate.
  • Runners expected through 11Karkloof again at roughly 11:30am, right through to the wee-hours on Sunday morning. This is where the true grit comes out, and maybe the odd power-nap. Exploring Coffee will be keeping the caffeine levels high!
  • The winner is predicted to finish at Yard41 at approx. 2pm. Scenes of relief, glory and triumph will continue through the night.
  • Official cut-off and tear-jerker second-to-none is 8am and prize-giving at 10am. Book a table for breakfast at the Farmers Daughter and watch all the action go down!
Detailed Karkloof100 Spectator Guide