“What I can say is it was brutal. Utterly savage.” – James Bösenberg, 100K runner
Cottage Availability & Accommodation:
There are a couple of spots left in the comfy cottages – mail Caeli.
Camping is included in your race entry if you like it rough!
Supporters can purchase meal vouchers at R200 for the weekend / R50 a meal – mail us here to pre-order. 
Training tips:
  •  Taper time!  It is too late to cram in more km’s. It’s time to rest, put in some fine-tuning in with short sharp runs.
  •  Test your gear  – do a couple of runs with the pack and the shoes you will be running in.
  •  Test your food.  You don’t want to be trying new things on race day.
  • Do a night run or two. It is important to know what expect after the sun sets on the 13th October.  Test your batteries and headlamps. 
General Rules:
  • There is  NO  seconding or pacing allowed outside of Algeria refuel camp.
  • There is a  compulsory 30 minute stop at Algeria Cheese Burgers, Tea, medical check.
  • You are only allowed to leave Algeria once the race marshal has signed you out following your 30 minute stop.
  • If you do not have a second, you may send a tog bag with the official race seconding vehicle.
  • It is  compulsory to sign in at all of the check points. 
General Info:
  • The race starts at  5am  on the 13th October from Sanddrif – dark!
  • Race registration is open from  4pm  Friday the 12th at Race HQ at Sanddrif. Boerie Rolls to snack on!
  • The race and safety briefing (for the 100km) is at  6pm  on Friday the 12th at Sanddrif Race HQ. It is mandatory to attend the briefing.
  • There are no trail markings. Each runner MUST have their own GPS.
  • There is a 30 hour cut off time to complete the route. So you will be an unofficial finisher if you cross the finish line outside of this time.
  • There is a 13 hour cut off time at half way.  You are not allowed to leave Algeria after 6pm.  This is inclusive of your compulsory 30 minute stop time.
  •  Night Marathon gear check and briefing  starts at 4pm at Algeria campsite, race starts at 6pm.
  • Take a GoPro, or use your Phone for photos.