Heading onto the trails this winter? The right kit will make all the difference to the comfort of your run. Here’s what you’ll need in your kit bag;

As the days get colder, darker and wetter, it can be hard to stay motivated to get out there and keep running. During the winter months you need kit that will keep you warm, dry and safe on the trails – and that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing.


One of the easiest mistakes to make when running in autumn is wearing too much clothing. Although it’s tempting to wrap up warm as you head out the door into the crisp air, by 1km up the mountain you’ll probably be overheating. The key to staying dry and comfortable, whatever the weather, is layering. Layering the right fabrics will keep the moisture continually moving away from your body, helping you maintain the perfect temperature. Always select sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable gear to help keep you cool and running comfortably. The natural fibre of wool feels great against your skin during morning and evening runs in brisk air, and breathes fantastically in heat. On longer outings or runs in the mountains, when temperatures vary, the heat-regulating properties of wool are hard to beat. Plus, once winter rolls around, pulling on soft wool is such a treat in cold weather that you’ll look forward to runs in icy temperatures.


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