The Beast Trail Run 2017 – Latest Information and News

The training time for Beast Trail Run is almost over with one week to go before the race. Take it easy from now on, do some nice hikes and some carbo load at the pub!

You will find below a complete list of important information about the event.

 Essential Kit: 
1. Charged Cell Phone (add 072 924 2371 Energy Events, Emergencies only)
2. Waterproof jacket, thermal base layer, buff or beanie
3. Food = energy bars, sandwich, fruit, nuts, chocolate
4. Hydration – Minimum 1 litre to start race!
5. Space Blanket, headlamp, whistle, map

Test all your race gear this weekend.

Check out the routes: ‘thar be hills!’

 Water Points 
The mountain water is drinkable, if available. Definite water at:
Point 7 – Scout Mountain Hut
Point 14 – Kloof Nek
Point 17 – King’s Blockhouse

Please do not start this race if you have / are sick, got flu or coughing.

Race Reg 
At Start, Sunday 11 June, from 6.45am, delicious coffee and brekkie on sale.

Newlands Forest Picnic site. Upper parking area.

Race Start
Beast 50km 7.45am; ‘mini’ Beast 30km 8.15am

Cut Offs 
Cut-off 1 @11:45 – Top of Nursery Ravine
Cut-off 2 @12:45 – Top of Platteklip
Cut-off 3 @15:45 – King’s Blockhouse

Race Finish 
At the Newlands Forest Picnic site.

– Cederberg 100km / 100 mile entry worth up to R4950 for the 50km winner
– NEW Cederberg Night Marathon, value R2000 for 30km winner

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We are selling 2017 Beast T-shirts at R295 each. You can add these to your entry here.

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