The emergency number for everything will be 080 911 9111 save it to your phone now (also printed on your race number).

Schedule 18th February(Saturday) – Gardens Tech Rugby Club

Parking available inside the venue – follow directions please.

  • 17:30-18:30 Registration & Race Number Collection
  • 18:30-18:50 Race Briefing
  • 19:00            Race Start

Below we bullet point the key info for you.

Before the Batrun

  • The race # is #Batrun2017, please use it in all references to the race on your social media platforms. It just makes tracking the traffic so much easier, and, vibe.
  • Weather Report is looking good at this stage with clear skies but it will be around 12 degrees before wind chill up top.
  • Mandatory Gear List (Details below). To be issued your race number for the BATRUN, please bring along a Photo ID and all mandatory equipment which will be checked at registration. Without these items a race number will not be issued. Please arrive early for this 17:30-17:50pm.

During the Batrun

  • Please take great care running past one another! The race has is a series of out and back routings and you will constantly have others running at you; for this reason there is a NO HEADPHONES policy because you will have to communicate with fellow runners at all times. Lion’s Head, in particular, has a lot of exposed sections; take care of each other please.
  • Checking in. Each peak will have an awesome group of volunteers recording runners.  Be sure they get your bib number, so that we can verify that you have completed the race.
  • Aid Station is on Tafelberg Rd at the Platteklip Gorge trailhead.  You will visit it twice and it is the only location with aid. The RUSH Bars Aid station will have: Water, Nuun electrolyte drinks, tea, coffee, soup, Rush bars, salty potatoes, fruits, nuts, sweets, chocolate. Banters and special dietary folk please supplement as per your needs.
  • Cut-offs will be enforced at the Aid Station Station as follows: After Devils Peak 10pm(3hours) and 1am(6hours).
  • Route Marking. The route will be fully marked with reflective flags and road sections will have additional chalk ground markings.
  • Minor route change. Please have a look at the revision which applies after you have finished your last peak (Lion’s Head) and return home from the Kloofnek Car Park. Revision here.
  • Photos. We are not allowed photographers within TMNP at night- feel free to snap away and we can share some of the albums on our FB page or on Twitter via @batrunct

After the Batrun

  • Bring a change of warm clothes and a towel, hot showers are available!
  • Cash bar onsite till 2am. Please support the club, shot!
  • There will be free boerie rolls and Jack Black beer’s for runners (some vegetarian quiche for those not eating a boerie roll). Please ask your supporters to bring some food as there wont be any vendors on site.


Gardens Tech Rugby Club– Registration & Start/Finish

Main​ access is​ via Upper Orange Street. At the ENGEN Garage intersection of Orange Street & Upper Orange Street turn toward the mountain​ and follow the road to the end- the venue is located to your right. Parking available inside venue.

Mandatory Gear

This list is complied for your safety, with particular reference to running at night on genuine mountain terrain, where in an emergency situation your rescue may take up to 4hours.

  • If any Mandatory Gear is not on your person during the race or at the finish, time penalties ranging from 15-30 minutes per item will be imposed- 3 missing items is an automatic disqualification. Random checks will be done en-route and at the finish.
  • Every runner must have back-up light. This can be in the form of a second headlamp, a hand-held torch or similar. A spare set for batteries in addition is required for ONE of these lights. Cell phone lights do NOT apply.
  • Bats ‘see’ in the dark using a special skill called echolocation. You don’t. We will stop runners that are unable to illuminate the path ahead. As a benchmark leaders take 4hours, mid pack 6:30 and back of the pack 9 hours. Pack accordingly.

Gear List 

  1. Outer Shell Top (Jacket) | Waterproof, breathable as specified by the manufacturer. Must have integrated hood and seams to be tape sealed.
  2. Running Shoes | Trail shoes recommended
  3. Running Pack / Race Vest| No waist packs
  4. Buff/Beanie |Close fitting and of synthetic or wool fabric. Lightweight, moisture wicking/ quick drying. (get your free Batrunheadwear at registration)
  5. Long sleeve mid layer |Close fitting and of synthetic or wool fabric. No cotton.
  6. Headlamp / Torch |With fully charged batteries and in good working order.
  7. Spare Headlamp / Torch|With fully charged batteries and in good working order. (cell phone not applicable).
  8. Spare Batteries |One spare set. This need not be for both lights but either for your primary or secondary light as noted in points 6 or 7.
  9. Survival Blanket |Size 1.4m x 2m minimum. (AKA Space Blanket)
  10. Adhesive Bandage |Size 5cm x 100cm
  11. Whistle |Pea-less and easily accessible at all times to sound an alert if required.
  12. Charged Phone |Leave in ‘Flight Mode’ to conserve battery.
  13. Hydration |Bladder or bottles with Min.1.5L capacity of which 300ml in reserve at all times.
  14. Food |250 calories in reserve at all times.

Keep your race number visible

The race number you are issued must be affixed on the hip/pelvic area and be permanently and fully visible throughout the entire race. We highly recommend you use a race belt for this. It must always be positioned over any clothing and cannot for any reason be fixed onto your back.


You may be the first person on scene if an emergency occurs and will be required to assist. Assess if you need to stay with the runner or if you will be of more use running ahead and letting staff know.

If you become immobile and need to consult with a medic you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Initially use your first aid kit, stay warm, dry and be visible.
  2. Phone the emergency number located on your race number. You will be asked your race number, name and location and help will be sent on its way.

If there is no cell reception:

  1. Wait for an assisting participant who will find the nearest marshal or staff member who will make contact with Race HQ.
  2. A medical and rescue team will be dispatched to your location.
  3. You will either be treated and allowed to continue, or be treated and evacuated off the route to the nearest medical asset .

That’s a wrap!

Get some good rest in the next few days and sneak in an afternoon dos on Saturday. Going to be an epic night out!

Lastly big big thanks to our partners TMNP, Rush Bars, RaidLight and Black Diamond.


Team Batrun