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Groote Post Country Run :

The Groote Post Country market runs into its 4th season starting the last Sunday in August 2017. The 3 month winter break has regular market visitors yearning for the Spring market return. A mere half an hour out of Blouberg and an hour out of the city, Groote Post is a gentle drive out of the hustle and bustle  of city life into the countryside.

Most of us would be content with enjoying the delights of the market that have you relaxing on the lawns after having made your way through the numerous stalls and temptations that make up the market. There are those however that insist on putting their bodies through a session of physical “torture” be it on foot, on two wheels or in water. And so the notion was born to add a sporting event to the market, with an early start leading into the market. Darling is already home to numerous cycling events and the lack of a sizeable dam left the running option wide open. Trail running has become very popular and Groote Post lends itself perfectly with many terrain options. And so the Groote Post Country Run was born and would take on 3 distances 4km, 10km and 21km.  The October market was chosen as run date with it being cooler than the summer months and the farm still fresh out of Spring.

Online entries for the inaugural 2016 run trickled in smoothly with 300 !!!!! runners registered prior to race day. There was a registration desk open on race day for late entries which took our participant numbers up to 400!!!!!!. Early morning sustenance in the form of coffee , muffins etc were on offer and the children care area was all set and ready to entertain and take care of the young ones while Dad and Mom took on the run. The start and finish of all 3 distances was at Groote Post Wine Cellar. The chance of seeing some of the numerous antelope during the run was one of the pre-race talking points. All 3 distances have their share of sand tracks, gravel roads, single tracks and climbs and drops, although the 21km has the added challenge of summiting Bobbejaanberg. The final 500m climb has even seasoned runners slowing to a walk. The routes pass through the varied natural habitats of sandveld, renosterveld, soaring granite rock outcrops, livestock camps, grazing lands and well as wheat ripening for the summer harvest. The renosterveld on the hills has a perfumed herbaceous aroma which is invigorating to the senses and which helps take the mind off the pain of having climbed the highest hill on the route. Each route has panoramic views of the Atlantic coastline and as you climb higher you can make out the waves braking in the distance. Water points  are positioned strategically to offer refreshment when needed. The hilltops offer sightings of Blaauwberg Hill and of course mighty Table Mountain in the distance.

The finish line is always a welcome sight as the festive atmosphere of the market welcomes you back at the farm yard.  There are shower facilities for those wanting to freshen up before taking on the market. There are 60 stalls of various arts and crafts , eats galore and local beer, cider and not to forget Groote Post wines. Relax on the lawns to the tunes while the children enjoy the tractor- and horse rides.

The 2017 Groote Post Country Run will take place on Sunday the 29th October and will call for entries for the distances of 4km, 10km, 21km.  Entries can be done online. Contact numbers: 0224512202

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