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The Cederberg Night Marathon 2017

Please note that entries are now closed the the Cederberg Night Marathon.

The Cederberg Night Marathon, presented by Cederberg Wines is the new adventure trail of the Cederberg Traverse.

You will run, stumble and crawl all the way from Algeria to Sanddrift via the Sneeuberg hut.

The valleys and kloofs of the iconic Cederberg will be revealed to you at night through a completely new angle – beware of the creatures that may come out at dusk!

You need to be able to look after yourself – Bear Grylls gnawing on scorpions!

Training Tips and Hints:

1) Train like you mean it. The racing will be fun, if the training is hard.

2) Train with a pack. Cederberg Night Marathon is not about speed work, but diesel engine power.

3) Train in your race gear with full kit, to get used to it and iron out any issues.

4) Run in the dark, on technical tracks (not the road) using head lamp.

Entry Fee:

40km – R2000

Price Includes:

Camping at Sanddrif
Sunday brunch feast
Nature conservation fees
Race Garments
Race Buff
Race snacks and water at CP, Sneeuberg Hut.

Race Info:

The race will start at 6pm on the 14th of October at Algeria.

There are no refunds. If you cannot take part you must find a substitute for your entry. Roll-overs are valid for 1 year ONLY. Substitutions do not apply for roll over.

Race cut off time, 14 hours to complete the full 40km.
Fully self-sufficient
Mapped route, not race marked
Pairs are encouraged for safety.

Click here for the route map.


Camping: Camping is included in your entry fee. If your family and friends wish to join you for the weekend we are selling campsites at R200 per night. 4 pax per campsite.

Sanddrif Cottages:
1 bedroom cottage (2 Adults) – R1200 per night.
2 bedroom cottage (4 Adults) – R950 per bedroom per night.
3 bedroom cottage (6 – 10 Adults) – R850 per bed per night.

Race Rules:

1. Follow the designated route only. This route is ONLY for experienced trail runners. (Sorry, no juniors U21).
2. Obey all instructions from marshals. Failing to listen to instructions, may award you a disqualification.
3. You are required to be self sufficient with water and nutrition – do not rely on water tables, there are none, this is mountain running. There is fresh water in the streams which is pleasant and safe to drink.
4. Equipment – All compulsory gears are required regardless of the weather of the day – Be prepared!
5. All runners should take a space blanket, basic first aid kit, and a cell phone (although reception is sketchy).
6. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your own well – being on the trail. Be mindful of your
condition and only do what your body allows. If you have a heart condition or other medical issue, let us know in advance.
7. Absolutely no litter will be tolerated. You can help by picking up any dropped items.
8. Respect Animals – Do not disturb or harass wildlife. Animals scared by your sudden approach may be dangerous.
9. Be friendly to other trail runners, if you see any.
10. Please do not pick wild flowers, chip rocks or gather any other artefacts or trophies. Take photos, leave footprints.
11. Participants indicate acceptance of the rules of The Cederberg Night Marathon – (40km Night Trail Run) by their signature / click on the entry form.
12. Note – Cut off time for the whole race is 14hours. Last participant should arrive at Sanddrift at 8am on Sunday the 15th.
13. There are no refunds. If you can not take part you must find a substitute for your entry. Roll-overs are valid for 1 year ONLY.
14. Substitutions do not apply for roll over.

Compulsory Kit:

1. Trail pack with sufficient capacity for all race kit.
2. Waterproof jacket
3. Hydration – 2 litres capacity. This is a make or break item.
4. Food = nutrition for 12 hours
5. Base Layer (preferably thermal)
6. Space blanket
7. Whistle
8. Buff
9. Headlamp with extra batteries.
10. Personal GPS
11. 6 AA spare batteries if renting a GPS from us.

Suggested Kit:

Emergency food supply

Accommodation @ Sanddrif:

Cottages get booked up very quickly, email Caeli for availability in 2017.

Directions to Finish venue Sanddrif:            

From Cape Town, take the N7 turn-off on the N1 and, 28 km after Citrusdal, turn right at the Algeria/Cederberg sign. Continue past Algeria and over the Uitkyk Pass (second pass) – about 46 km of gravel road – until you reach Dwarsrivier, home of Cederberg Wines. Total distance from Cape Town: ±250 km; ±3 hours’ drive.

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Cederberg Night Marathon Route


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