Thanks to all for joining us for an Epic Mountain Adventure. 

Congratulations to all Podium winners, and well done to all who finished.

25km Male: 

  1. Wano Katjiri: 2h 02min
  2. Ryan Ball: 2h 03min
  3. Josh Grieveson: 2h 03min

25km Female: 

  1. Shaundre Jacobs: 2h 46min
  2. Anri Dorfling: 2h 53min
  3. Susan Du toit: 3h 07min

15km Male: 

  1. Paul Smith: 1h 22min
  2. Mario Mons: 1h 33min
  3. Andrew Henderson: 1h 34min

15km Female: 

  1. Ana Sampson: 1h 22min
  2. Nicole Bartsch: 1h 36min
  3. Chynchia Fabeck: 1h 41min

10km Male: 

  1. Cam Mackintosh: 51min
  2. Frederick Stufford: 56min
  3. Nathan Venter: 59min

10km Female: 

  1. Jani Van Wyk: 1h 08min
  2. Laura Kropman: 1h 10min
  3. Nicola Hendricks: 1h 10min

6km Male: 

  1. Johan Du Toit: 32min
  2. Antony Clayton: 38min
  3. Phillip JV Rensburg: 41min

6km Female: 

  1. Edna Ytier: 42min
  2. Johlene Bartsch: 43min
  3. Sheree Matthee: 44min

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For any result queries, mail Landi Here

Photos will be uploaded to our Facebook page throughout the week!


14 May 2022 – Kromrivier BEAST

16 July 2022 – Bastille Day Trail Festival

13 to 16 October – Cederberg Traverse