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Friday, 30 March 2012
Old Mutual Two Ocean Trail Run Race info

Your training is now done, you have checked out the route and gathered the right equipment. All that remains is to collect your goodie bag, race number, batch card and T-shirt at the Expo on Wednesday 4 or Thursday 5 April at the Good Hope Centre.

Expo Times:

  • Wednesday - 4 April: 10:00 - 18:00

  • Thursday - 5 April: 10:00 - 19:00

Please note: no upgrades, downgrades, substitutions or refunds, and there is no late registration at the start of the race on Friday

Race Times:

The Old Mutual Two Oceans Trail Run starts on Friday 6 April 2012 at 7am sharp. The short course (10km) goes off first. The long course (22km) starts at 7.30am. Batches set off at 5 min intervals. Confirm details for your batch start at registration. Please arrive early on race day (from 6am) and book into your start chute 30 mins in advance. Coffee vendor on site.

10km Equipment:

  • Water - carry at least 750ml. Hydration Pack recommended. Please note there is no water table on the course.

  • Food - e.g. banana, energy bar, sandwich, apple.

  • Windbreaker/waterproof jacket recommended. Weather dependant but not compulsory for short course.

  • Hat and sun lotion recommended.

  • Race Passport/Batch Card: Received at registration. This will be your entry into your start pen and Check Point (CP) card. Do not forget it!

  • Make sure your chip is attached to your shoe!


22km Equipment:

  • Water/Hydration - carry at least 1.5 litres. Bladder pack strongly recommended. No official water tables on course, but emergency water point at the Block House.

  • Food - e.g. banana, energy bar, sandwich or similar.

  • Windbreaker is compulsory for the long course. A waterproof jacket is highly recommended if rain expected. You will NOT be allowed to enter your start pen without one. Make sure you have one for race day!

  • Hat and sun lotion .

  • Race Passport: received at Registration. This will be your entry into your start pen. There will be a checkpoint en route where this card is clipped. Do not forget it.

  • Cell Phone - charged with Race Organisers number (supplied at registration) entered.

  • Make sure your chip is attached to your shoe!


Rules regarding Equipment and Checks:

We are strict with the required equipment. There is a compulsory equipment check on entering your starting chute. If you do not have the required equipment with you, you will not be allowed to start the race. For the 22km runners, there is an additional equipment check on the course, before ascending Devil's Peak - so do not stash your gear after the start!

Start Batches:

10km Batches will set off from 7am, at 5 min intervals. Long Course (22km) starts from 7.30am.

Be in your chute 30 minutes before your start time. Have compulsory gear ready to be checked.

Cut Off Times:

10km runners have no cut off on the route and have until 11.30am to make it to the finish field at UCT , which is very generous.

22km runners have it tougher. 90 mins to run the first 7km to Tafelberg Road and 2.5 hours to make it off the mountain to the Blockhouse (11km) by 10.30am.

Retiring From Race:

Please inform the race office - cell number on your race card - if you withdraw from the event, i.e. if you do not cross the finish line. If you do not, we may spend hours searching the mountain for you.

Prize Giving:

  • Short course prize giving will be at 9 am

  • Long Course prize giving will be at 10:30 am


  • Photographers will be on course. SMILE

  • Photos will be available on the Action Photo website in the week following the race.

Request regarding marshals:

A great way to spectate, be part of the action and help the runners. Any volunteers wanting to help out on the day, please contact Grant at


  • Weather is temperamental this time of year. Make sure to be prepared whatever the conditions.

  • The short course stays on the lower tiers of the mountain, but the long course heads high up and becomes exposed to the elements.

  • If the weather (rain, wind) comes in on the day, we will make a call on safety. In this event, runners will be deviated to a safer route (lower traverse) to avoid any dangers.

Trail Etiquette:

It is a competitive race, but we are all out to enjoy the mountain and the surroundings on the day. Please remember your trail etiquette when passing other runners on route. Manners on the trail are as imperative as winning. No littering and save toilet needs for the start or finish.

Well done for getting this far. The hard part is over. With your donations you helped us raise R35 000 for the SANParks Honorary Rangers, one of the 2012 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon beneficiaries. One of the Honorary Rangers' projects is maintaining the trails we enjoy so much.

See you at the Registration of the world's most beautiful marathon.

The Two Oceans Trail Team


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